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Facebook has millions of daily users — yet it creates no content.

Uber transports millions of people in cities around the world — yet it owns no taxis.

Airbnb provides accommodations in thousands of cities and dozens of countries — yet it owns no hotels.

NetFlix provides online video for countless users around the world — yet it owns no theaters and only recently started to create its own content.

Starting a business is exciting and inspiring. The momentum is powerful. The possibilities are endless. Perhaps it is even fulfilling a dream and validating years of preparation and struggle.

Then comes the paperwork.

Payroll. Benefits. Retirement. Form I-9. Workers’ Compensation. Garnishments. Time Off. An employee manual. On and on.

With small and mid-sized businesses, one person is the founder, CEO, COO and CFO all rolled into one. That means that they have a lot of work, responsibility and stress.

Invariably, the most complicated part of that multifaceted leadership role is dealing with Human Resources. HR is often overlooked in growing companies, but there are a lot of potential problems that can lead to direct costs (e.g., hiring replacements, litigation) and indirect costs (e.g., loss of efficiency, poisoned company culture) that can jeopardize the entire enterprise.

Worklio Harnesses Modern Technology to Improve Your Business

It used to be that humans carried everything. Then someone invented the wheel. For centuries, people ate berries. Then came fire. Words were chiseled into stone tables, then written on papyrus and finally printed by Gutenberg.

So it goes with the contemporary world: Technology is moving things so quickly that it is sometimes hard to realize how our lives have been changed since only a few years ago.

Electronic Employee Onboarding is not new, but it is a valuable tool that many PEOs still do not use.

There is so much that an Electronic Employee Onboarding system can provide:

It streamlines you clients’ internal hiring processes;

It creates automated communication (thus eliminating writing multiple emails);

We have all seen the articles about what a PEO should do to increase its security. Demand unique passwords. Enforce proper procedures. Use certified and secure software. Maintain the latest databases. Keep data breach insurance. It is simply the cost of doing business.

In fact, Bloomberg Technology expects that worldwide spending on security-related hardware, software and services will jump from $73.7 billion in 2016 to near $90 billion in 2018.