The #1 HR Cloud Solution

The complete tool for managing all of your company's daily tasks.

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The #1 HR Cloud Solution

The complete tool for managing all of your company's daily tasks.

  • Modern HR

    A rich employee database with time-off tracking, reporting, automated onboarding, and a social news feed.

  • World-Class Benefits

    Medical, dental, vision, life, and more from the world’s leading carriers.

  • Full-Service Payroll

    Make every payday a breeze with Worklio. Tax withholdings, W-2s, timesheets, and much more.

  • Project Management System

    The way to keep all projects and employees working together and moving forward efficiently.

Marketa Konzbulova

Worklio has streamlined many parts of my job. I used to have to deal with a lot of paperwork for each new employee. Now, everything is automated and finished quickly and efficiently.

Marketa Konzbulova, HR Manager, Xacti CZ
Christy ONeil

We were struggling with our current broker to get our health insurance quote. We finally brought Worklio in, and they put together a quote and implemented our health insurance in less than a month. They have excellent customer service.

Christy ONeil, accountant, The Life Link

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HR Management

HR Management

Keep track of everyone in the business with the fully sortable employee database.

Onboarding / Offboarding

Efficient step-by-step process for quickly getting the new hire to work or the exiting employee out the door. All of the relevant paperwork is at your fingertips. Store an electronic signature and use group features to eliminate repetition during busy times.

Recruiting Management

Keep track of job seekers and their paperwork for easy access during the interview process. Also, keep a record for the future: That woman who was not right for that HR position last year would be perfect for the new publicity post. Find her resume and contact information with a few clicks.

Organization Chart

Keep the vertical chain of command in order. When you need a director-level signature on a run-of-the-mill purchase order, find out who’s John Hancock will carry the weight. Do you need the official title for someone two levels above you for a formal email? Find it in the organizational chart.

Team Chart and Structure

Who is the assistant to the assistant on the promotions team? Who is the backup for each position? This clear-cut display shows who is who in each department and the roles that they play. Your business is reality, not fantasy football, but it is important to know the lineup.

File Storage

All of the important files are in one place so you don’t waste your time searching. Need the four-color, high-resolution company logo? It’s in the logo folder. Need a formal letter template? The style sheet? A generic form? They are all organized in File Storage.

Company Management

Company Management

Move beyond traditional HR to complete management, including contractor administration, access rights, reporting, location & department information.

Easy Access to All Information

Phone numbers, email addresses, tax information, branch office addresses – filing cabinets of information are available with a few clicks. Want to send an email only to director-level people? Need an employee's emergency contact information? Want to know who went to the local university? Find it quickly in the employee database.

Contractor Administration

All of the company business relationships are available in one list. Situation: Your client asks you for the name of the caterer who provided that amazing salmon dinner at the last Christmas party. Solution: Find the phone number instantly on the Contractor Administration page.

Personal Access for Personnel

Employees have dedicated portals to keep attendance, make time off requests, and self-update personal information. Automated emails are sent to notify management of each update. Additional access rights to specific parts of the Worklio platform are easy to set up in order to maintain the integrity of the data.


Each employee has their own personal “home page” with graphics and links to all of the powerful functions of Worklio. HR leaders get additional access to overview modules. Employees get more personalized information, like Time Off and Task widgets.


Create and maintain different kinds of reports, and print or email them easily. Updated time off statistics for the HR meeting, economic data for the manager meeting, long-term statistics for the board meeting – all of these reports can be generated quickly and in a readable format.



Find insurance coverage plans, employee perks, and more with easy-to-understand explanations and graphic calculations.

All Types of Insurance

Worklio organizes all of the various types of insurance with a simple format. Any insurance available to employees – medical, dental, vision, disability, life, etc. -- is available for display, editing, and updating on Worklio.

Online Insurance Quotes

Do your own research and get a feel for the market with real-time quotations for insurance programs. Dozens of quotes are at your fingertips and sorted by level of quality. The boss wants a reevaluation of the company insurance program, with number of employees and costs, by his 2 p.m. meeting? Use the Online Insurance Quotes feature.

Open Enrollment

Make these important and busy times of the year easier with announcements, notifications, information, and forms for employees.

Qualifying Events

When personal lives change, the new information is noted to maintain full and efficient coverage. New married name? An adopted child? Make sure that the information is up-to-date so that the insurance coverage matches reality.



Real-time work status for every employee in a single, constantly updating graphic. Don’t waste time looking for an absent team member; just check the computer.

Vacation, Time Off, Leave Tracking

Create and maintain a transparent time off system to allow employees to build up their vacation time with easy-to-follow graphic calculations. The step-by-step setup organizes the company’s policy and adds definitions for anniversaries, milestones, sick time, and official holidays, and it can organize employees into different categories.

Time & Attendance Tracking

Keep the real-time work status for every employee in a single, constantly updating graphic. What day was it that Sue had her dentist appointment? Just when did Andy get to work on Monday? Find all of that information here.

Attendance Rules, Reports

Customize attendance settings for your company or your department. Will there be a lot of overtime in the warehouse? Plan ahead and organize it efficiently. When it is time to put the whole month to bed, create a simple report for company-wide attendance. Just print out the statistics for your presentation at the next meeting.


Keep all of your important dates and events in order on both the personal and company level. Breakfast with the CEO, the company-sponsored 5K fun run – everything is listed in one place. Remember when you ran for some flowers during lunch because you had forgotten a team member's birthday? The Worklio calendar won’t let that happen again.

Who Is Out

Where is everybody? Keep track of employees. Off-site for a meeting? Working from home? On vacation? Instead of unnecessarily walking up to another floor, check to see if the person you want is in. No more asking team members “Where is Bob?” Just look at your computer screen.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Access Worklio from anywhere – home, the airport, the conference – through your phone or tablet.

iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Everyone has their favorite technology so Worklio can be accessed on all of the popular platforms. You don’t adjust to Worklio; Worklio adjusts to you.

Time & Attendance Tracking

Log in and keep track of your work time and breaks through your mobile. Did you forget to logout before leaving the office? Are you on a business trip? At a business meeting downtown without your computer? Do it through your mobile.

Vacation, Time Off, Leave Tracking

Request vacation time as soon as you make your plans. And, if you are in management, approve (or deny) requests quickly even while out of the office. Don't let that amazing airfare slip away. Act fast.

Document Signing

Use your electronic signature to validate paperwork – onboarding documents, invoices, contracts – through your mobile. It is safe and secure — and fast and convenient.

Document Upload

Access documents, contracts, rate sheets, photos, etc. immediately through your phone. Don't let the client think overnight — give them a contract right away and seal the deal.



Watch tutorial videos, check the FAQ section, or contact Worklio directly at any time.


Worklio is designed to be user friendly, but reality can always find a way to throw in a monkey wrench. Check the Frequently Asked Questions section for quick responses to basic problems. Of course, contact Worklio directly for help with unique situations.

Video Tutorials

For complicated situations, watch the explanation. Video Tutorials are available to provide exact screenshots for where to input information and where click. Having trouble with setting up the Time Off setup? Don’t read the solution: watch it.

Compliance Management

Post important changes to laws and regulations so that everyone is updated about the I-9 form, Affordable Care Act tax provisions, COBRA, etc. There are a lot of specific details; keeping them all in one place and easily accessible is one step toward compliance.

Email Notifications

Automatic emails are sent for immediate communication regarding onboarding; manual changes to attendance data; time off requests; changes made by employees to personal details; birthdays; anniversaries; milestones; etc. If someone makes a change to their status, management gets an email.

The Worklio App is also available on all major mobile platforms.

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