Electronic Employee Onboarding: Isn’t it Time You Caught Up?

Electronic Employee Onboarding is not new, but it is a valuable tool that many PEOs still do not use.

There is so much that an Electronic Employee Onboarding system can provide:

  • It streamlines you clients’ internal hiring processes;
  • It creates automated communication (thus eliminating writing multiple emails);
  • It gets employees to input their own information (perhaps from the comfort of their own homes);
  • It allows for online signatures (to save a significant amount of time and paperwork);
  • It automatically updates the central database (to eliminate busy in-house work); and
  • It reduces errors throughout.

In a nutshell, Electronic Employee Onboarding takes the new-hire employee from “You’re hired!” to actual work as quickly and effectively as possible, with the use of online procedures that streamline document completion, signature gathering, and the dissemination of basic introductory information.

Worklio COO Ian Halliday addressed the positives of Electronic Employee Onboarding in the August issue of PEO Insider.

Download the article: Electronic Employee Onboarding: Isn’t it Time You Caught Up

Make sure to also read the sidebar about how hiring practices have evolved over the past two decades. It is an example of how technology is constantly changing the way business is done.

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