Don’t Take the Bait — Protect Yourself and Your Business against Phishing

Security is a big part of the life online — whether it be for individuals, businesses or governments.

Worklio maintains ISO 27001 certification for information security management and ISO 9001 certification for quality management. It uses high-grade TLS and multi-layered encryption with AES-256 and RSA 2048 bit keys. Monitoring is constant and exceeds the industry standard.

But, when it comes down to it, human beings are the most important part of keeping everything safe. One of the most simple steps to take is to beware of phishing attempts.

Phishing is the attempt to infiltrate a computer system by luring a user to provide sensitive information, like passwords, credit cards or personal data. One weak link can pull down an entire organization.

Don’t Take the Bait. 

Phishing emails are designed to look familiar and legitimate. There are tell-tale signs that can protect you and your data. Keep these common-sense points in mind:

 Spelling and Grammar Are Important — Those rules you learned in grade school might save you a lot of trouble.

Question Awkward Wording — Non-native English is often easy spot. Legitimate text reads smoothly.

Check Where the Link Goes — Hover to Discover over links to see where they lead. Look for “https” and a closed lock icon in the address bar. Best: retype the destination address.

Beware the Unexpected Email — You wouldn’t take candy from a stranger, so double-check before you open their emails.

Manage Your Pop-ups — Phishing can also use pop-up windows. Block unnecessary ones.

Protect Your Valuables — You don’t leave your house or car unlocked, so use a firewall, antivirus software or spam blocker.

Think Before You Click!

Worklio wants you and your data to be safe and secure.