The Smart Solution for Tracking Time Off

Flexible PTO Policy for Your Company

Marketa Konzbulova

I click Start, Lunch, and Stop and that's it. No paperwork. No chip. Just a mouse click. It can't get any easier than that.

Access From Anywhere

Employees can easily request time off from anywhere with a web browser, tablet, or smartphone. They'll get a simplified overview of their time off history, pending vacation requests, and remaining balances.

Approve Requests With One Click

Track vacation, sick days, and holiday accruals for your employees with the Worklio web-based platform. Once an employee submits a new time off request, the employee's manager will receive an automated email with links to easily approve or deny the request.

Keep Track of Time Off

To review employees' time off, managers can use the Worklio dashboard to access everything. Our reporting tools make it easy to evaluate employee balances and get all of the data that you need right away.

Get An Instant Overview

The Worklio company calendar shows all employee time off, vacations, holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries in one place in order to provide team members and managers with complete visibility.

The Worklio App is also available on all major platforms.