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Features The Worklio App has many powerful features.

  • Dashboard

    Your personal home page for all of your daily work.

  • Time Off

    Make time off requests directly to your supervisor.

  • Attendance

    Click “Start” and let Worlkio track your time and breaks.

  • Company News

    Give important announcements a more prominent display.

  • Calendar

    Manage dozens of schedules with one easy-to-read display.

  • QR Code Scan

    Efficiently import photos with a simple scan.

  • Contacts

    Access contact information for your team to ease communication.

  • Profile

    Maintain your own personal information – and your photo.

  • Tasks

    Keep your projects and tasks in order with transparent access.

  • Sign Documents

    The pen is old-school. Use the new-age digital signature.

Screenshots The Worklio App is easy to navigate and use.


Easily access all of the widgets with a tap of the screen so that you can adjust your work status with one hand on the go.

Useful Tip The top widget keeps the updated time so that you know exactly how much time you have left in your eight-hour day.


Simple taps Start Work, Start Lunch, and Start Break, and Leave Work finishes the day. All of the hours, minutes, and seconds are updated automatically.

Useful Tip Attendance Report shows the overview for the whole week or month so that you can adjust for coming holidays.


Access real-time schedules for everyone in the company with the tap of a finger.

Useful Tip Use the filter option to zero in on the information that you need.

Time Off

Vacation, Sick Time, Other Paid Time Off, Unpaid Time Off — everything is connected to your requests and everything stays up to date.

Useful Tip Don’t worry about doing any math: Accrual history and roll over systems are all programmed into the feature.


Quickly find contact information for anybody in the company with several sorting options.

Useful Tip Note the color of the box on the head shot. Blue means working, orange means lunch, and gray means not working.

Contact Details

Quickly access contact information for everyone in your company, and connect with them by simply tapping the icon or email address.

Useful Tip Employees are empowered to maintain their personal data on their own – including taking a selfie for a new head shot.


Keep tabs on the advancement of your various projects and tasks, and quickly reply to questions or issues from the palm of your hand.

Useful Tip Color coding shows the priority level for each task: Red means the deadline is near (or it has passed).

Company News

Instead of just another email, big news can be highlighted with long-lasting presence on the Company News widget.

Useful Tip New messages appear on the Dashboard so that you don’t waste time clicking onto an empty page.

The Worklio App is available on all major mobile platforms.

Scan the QR code to download the Worklio App directly to your device.

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