How to customize the dashboard?

All the widgets on the dashboard can be resized (vertically only), re-positioned, closed and added. Re-position by moving the cursor on the Title bar of the widget. The cursor will change to a cross-hair. Click and drag the widget to move it. The widgets will automatically re-position themselves whilst you are moving the selected one.Customize DashboardResize by moving the cursor to the bottom of a widget. The cursor will change to an up/down which will allow you to click and resize the widget. When widgets are small they usually show a summary (like the screenshot above). If you resize them they will show more information like this screenshot:Customize DashboardClose by clicking the X on the top-right of the widget. Add by clicking Add Widget and select from the available list.You can add more than one of the same widgets to the dashboard and resize them to see different information.




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