Grow a Thriving Company Culture

Worklio combines weekly 5-15 reports, a mood indicator, an idea poll, a company news feed, and a people directory to improve employee engagement and productivity.

Marketa Konzbulova

Worklio is a great place for our employees to connect with management. They answer questions about their work, mood, team spirit, and communicate if they are meeting their objectives and goals.

5-15 Reporting

Just 15 minutes of self-evaluation can consolidate successes and failures into ideas and innovations to help the employee, the department, and the company move more efficient.

Ideas Poll and Mood Indicator

Get the whole company involved with generating ideas and looking for ways to improve. Use Worklio to create a culture where all employees are respected.

Company News Feed

Grab everyone’s attention with important company announcements and information sent to employee dashboards and mobile devices.

Complete Calendar For the Entire Company

The Worklio company calendar shows all employee time off, vacations, holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries in one place to provide team members and managers with complete visibility.

The Worklio App is also available on all major platforms.