Worklio: The New Complete Company Administration Platform

Worklio is a new cloud-based, administration platform designed for small and mid-sized businesses to eliminate the inefficiencies of manual processes, deliver better service to employees, and save time for Human Resources administrators.

Worklio consolidates the many moving parts of contemporary businesses for efficient and streamlined operations within one comprehensive company-wide network. It provides employees with personalized dashboards to keep track of time and attendance, paid time off, and calendar features. Management creates projects and tasks for employees, and oversees every step through transparent displays. And the HR Department is bolstered by easy access to automated health insurance, ACA, COBRA, and much more.

Worklio organizes the entire working day for every employee – from log on to log off – in one, cohesive experience.

The new Worklio platform has added Task Management, 5/15 Evaluations, and a Mood Indicator.

Task Management

Everything that your company does is organized and maintained with the Task Management feature. Management creates the overall projects, assigns individual tasks to specific employees, and then watches as each step is documented for the duration of the project. All task-related communication and documentation stays in one place for easy access. Every step is displayed and the process provides transparent data for hours and costs. 

5/15 Evaluations

Constructive criticism is the way that employees get better at their jobs and management needs feedback. These short evaluations – 5 minutes for management to read what took employees 15 minutes to write – are a good way to start a dialogue that will lead to overall improvement and better performance.

Mood Indicator

Dollar-and-cent micro statistics are important, but macro statistics can be enlightening to an even more powerful level. Are the employees happy? Or is there a general malaise? A quick look at the Mood Indicator might suggest it’s time for a company-wide meeting, a team-level pep talk, or a party.

Forthcoming additions, include Idea Management, Asset Management, Discipline Records, an Internal News Feed/Social Feed, Online Internal Chat, and a To Do List.

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