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It used to be that humans carried everything. Then someone invented the wheel. For centuries, people ate berries. Then came fire. Words were chiseled into stone tables, then written on papyrus, and finally printed by Gutenberg.

So it goes with the contemporary world: Technology is moving things so quickly that it is sometimes hard to realize how our lives have been changed.

Times are Changing Infographics

Business is changing, too. Now, companies have everything online.

Worklio is a new cloud-based, administration platform designed for small and mid-sized businesses to eliminate the inefficiencies of manual processes, deliver better service to employees, and save time for Human Resources administrators.

Worklio consolidates the many moving parts of contemporary businesses for efficient and streamlined operations within one comprehensive company-wide network. It provides employees with personalized dashboards to keep track of time and attendance, Paid Time Off, and calendar features. Management creates projects and tasks for employees, and oversees every step through transparent displays. And the HR Department is bolstered by easy access to automated health insurance, ACA, COBRA, and much more.

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