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Worklio Time Report — Keeping Track of Time

Accurately keeping track of the hours that employees work is obviously important for companies that have hourly labor. Yet, it can be an essential, data-generating tool for maintaining forward movement for salaried employees, too.

The Worklio Time Reporting module is a valuable tool for tabulating all of the time that is being spent on all of the different projects and tasks within a company. The feature is sortable by time period, project, task, and individual.

The data can be used for budgeting costs, planning purposes, and providing itemized figures for billing clients. Some companies only want general numbers, but other companies require itemized accounting of the amount of time spent on individual tasks. Law firms, for example, account for time spent on specific tasks because they are paid according to billable hours.

From a business point of view, the data may show reality in a stark and meaningful way that is not always obvious when you have your shirtsleeves rolled up and you are focused on the job. Did an employee spend dozens of hours on a landing page that generated only a dozen hits? Did another employee spend three hours this morning on a project that has a distant deadline in lieu of a project with an impending deadline? Perhaps those hours could have been used more efficiently.

Individually, analyzing the amount of time you spend on different tasks can be personally revelatory. How many minutes a day, for example, do you spend answering emails? Or responding to requests? Or answering the same questions over and over again? If you are not happy with the answer, then perhaps it is time to make some adjustments to increase efficiency.

There are many features on the Worklio platform that operate in concert to consolidate the many moving parts of small and mid-sized businesses into one comprehensive and inexpensive company-wide network. Worklio organizes the entire working day for every employee — from log on to log off — in one, cohesive experience.

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