Time Off


This is one of several articles that look closely at the functionality of Worklio. Each feature article is designed to show how Worklio can help make the processes and procedures in your company more efficient with specific examples and ideas.


Time Off

As much as people love being at work (read: accept reality), they love being on vacation even more. The Time Off feature, therefore, is very popular. The donut chart representations show the balance for each employee for vacation time, sick time, other paid time off, and non-paid time off in days or hours. There is also a list of all previous and forthcoming events, with real-time displays for the pending or approved status of requests.

Requests are made online. Managers can approve or deny the requests quickly. And everything is calculated and displayed in easy-to-understand graphic representations.

The step-by-step setup organizes the company’s policy and adds definable allowances for anniversaries, milestones, sick time, and other time off. It’s a way to organize employees into different categories, coordinate policies, denote official holidays, etc.

The Worklio Time Off feature gives you a lot of data with which to plan your vacation. The List of Holidays are a click away so that you can tack on an extra day or two. And Team Requests shows when others in your department have already made requests.

The History of Balance Adjustment shows each change to your time off, including when additional days have accrued and been added, and the calculation for used days.

Managers are notified when too many of their employees take vacation at the same time.



* When two employees request the same time, it can be uncomfortable for a manager. Online requests, however, come with the date and time that the request was made. First come, first serve is a nice and fair tiebreaker.

* You can toggle the setting between hours and days. Psychologically, hours may be more powerful. First, the numbers are bigger. And, second, every hour you are at work can be imagined to equal a future hour on a beach.



* Ask employees to follow a set style when writing reasons for their vacation. It will appear in the listings for the entire company. The shorter then better. 

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