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WORKLIO FEATURES — Laying the Foundation

This is one of several articles that look closely at the functionality of Worklio. Each feature article is designed to show how Worklio can help make the processes and procedures in your company more efficient with specific examples and ideas.



Setting up the basic structure of a company is the foundation for every Worklio feature. That makes it important, but it does not make it boring. This information can be very useful.

  • - Need the mailing address for a delivery?
  • - Need the correct spelling for the development manager in the New York branch?
  • - Need the official title for newly promoted leader of the Tuscaloosa branch?

Worklio is designed for small- to mid-sized companies. There may by three or 50 employees, so there is a lot of flexibility for customization. The home office, for example, may be set to where the company is officially incorporated. It could be an office park outside of Baltimore or a parent’s garage in Palo Alto, Calif.

However, sometimes the home office is difficult to define. Some companies have employees spread across several states or even countries. It may be useful — for tax purposes, for marketing, etc. — to have an official company address in each location. Multiple branches are easy to set up, with address, contact information, personnel, phone numbers, website address, hours of operation, etc.

Departments are not necessary. A new software company on the cusp of making it big may have only a handful of employees. But in a few years, that company may have 45 employees with Programming, Research and Development, Accounting, and Marketing departments. Worklio can be updated to accommodate growth.

The company administrator account will have access to all of the inner workings of Worklio. Most companies have the person most involved with human resources serve as the company administrator. Others use an IT employee. The administrator role comes with access to potentially sensitive information, including salaries and paid time off schedules.

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* Worklio supports international data formats. So, if you need to enter an address for the Mexican branch, you will have the correct space available. 

  • - Some European countries use periods and commas different: “1.000,00” isn’t necessarily a typo; it means “1,000.00” in the Czech Republic. 
  • - Phone numbers are tricky: Americans use an area code and seven digits; European phone numbers include country codes and nine digits.
  • - Social Security numbers — 123 45 6789 — are used in America. Other countries have different ID cards and different numbering schemes.



* This is a computer world, but sometimes it is good to have a hard copy of all of the phone numbers and extensions at your fingertips. Screenshots posted on the wall are sometimes easier to access than a few keystrokes. 

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