Time & Attendance

WORKLIO FEATURES — Keeping Track of Time

This is one of several articles that look closely at the functionality of Worklio. Each feature article is designed to show how Worklio can help make the processes and procedures in your company more efficient with specific examples and ideas.


Time & Attendance

Clock in. Punch in. Start Work. There are many ways to express the daily occurrence at the beginning of the workday.

Worklio displays the real-time work status for every employee in a single, constantly updating graphic.

When it is time for a break or lunch, a simple click is enough. At the end of the day — clock out, punch out, and finish work — then you simply click Leave Work.

The Attendance Report links to more detailed information that will help you keep track of the entire week or month. You can also edit your data for when you were inundated with work and forgot to start the clock.



* If you forget to log off, you can do it from a smartphone or a home computer.

* If you are working longer than normal, Worklio will contact you to see if you are actually working. If not, then you are automatically clocked out. When you return to work, an automated email will instruct you to edit your time data.

* Management can easily check to see that employees are working their full allotment of time each week.

* No more asking colleagues “Where is Bob?” Just look at your computer screen to see that he is on a break or at lunch. 



* Management can get a lot of information from time data. Who logs the most hours? Who gets to work the earliest and stays the latest. What day was it that Sue had her dentist appointment? Just when did Andy get to work on Monday? How many cigarette breaks has Lucy taken today?

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