You Will Fall in Love with the New Interactive Dashboard

October 29, 2015
Worklio recently released a new, interactive dashboard that can easily be rearranged. Whether you like a lot of windows with useful information or you would rather keep it simple, the new Worklio Dashboard will please you either way.

Worklio: The New Complete Company Administration Platform

December 18, 2015
Worklio is a new cloud-based, administration platform designed for small and mid-sized businesses to eliminate the inefficiencies of manual processes, deliver better service to employees, and save time for Human Resources administrators.
Time & Attendance

WORKLIO FEATURES — Keeping Track of Time

May 26, 2016
Clock in. Punch in. Start Work. There are many ways to express the daily occurrence at the beginning of the workday.
Homepage Dashboard

WORKLIO FEATURES — Organizing Your Personal Home Page

June 1, 2016
You can adjust your desk chair so that you can slightly and comfortably lean back. You can put your old and faded coffee mug to the left of your monitor so that you don’t accidently knock over your coffee as you maneuver the mouse. And, you can adjust the font on your emails.

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