Real World Social Media Responses to Bad Bosses

Donald Trump, the bombastic New York real estate mogul, became the infamous caricature of a mean boss on “The Apprentice” when he repeatedly delivered his signature line: “You’re Fired!”

Now, Trump is running to be the President of the United States. In other words, he wants to be the boss of you and me. Your decision about who will get your vote for president is your own; but whoever wins will be the new boss.

What do you want in a boss? What makes a boss good or bad? Perhaps it is easier to ask the opposite question, because people have spent a lot of time answering this question online. Here are some real-world examples from social media:

Climbing By Using the Little People

If you have had your hard work usurped by your boss, know that you are not alone. Almost half of all workers are unhappy with the credit they get – and, worse, annoyed that their boss basked in the underserved glory.

Bad Boss Behaviors

Might Does Not Mean Right

A boss should be open and willing to listen to different opinions. Often, people are anointed leader and they feel disproportionately empowered. Making decisions requires responsibility, but it should not suggest superiority. It’s important for the boss to come down from that ivory tower and listen.

Boss is not always right

How About a Little Compassion?

Bosses can be unrealistic. Work is work, but life is life. Births, deaths, and hospital visits are real-life events that supersede work. Nobody is completely immune to outside influence. Compassion goes a long way – in the short term and the long.

Compassionate Boss

Does Dragging Yourself to Work Really Help?

Sick days exist for a reason. Obviously, they shouldn’t be taken advantage of, but when you will recover faster after a day of bed-ridden convalescence then it makes logical sense to stay home. Plus, isn’t it selfish – and threatening to the overall performance of the group – to play the hero while spreading germs?

Denied sick days

Skimping Does Not Save the Day

People can be petty everywhere and in any kind of job. Does it really help the bottom line to keep tabs on the number of paperclips an employee uses? Does it make sense to hold off on the air conditioning if everyone is uncomfortable? Some people simply like to have a hard-copy of an important email.

Skimping does not save the day

Diplomacy is Always the Answer

Has your boss created a boot-camp environment where everyone talks like sailors? Maybe it is fun to use the full range of expression, but it isn’t real professional to be vulgar. There is always a diplomatic way to rephrase what you want to say.

Diplomatic boss

Professionalism instead of Preferentialism

Perhaps it is natural to like some people more than others. However, it becomes a problem when personal relationships lead to favoritism. Meritocracy is eliminated. Is it too much to ask for a fair accounting of performance instead of a pretty smile?

Professional Boss

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Can a boss be effective in a reign of terror? Probably. The fact is that there are a lot of ways that the person in charge can control the way the workplace is organized.

Power corrupts

Tasteless Jokes Do Not a Good Boss Make

Does every meeting start with a terrible joke? Is it the same joke over and over again? Or, the puns, the awful puns. Blonde jokes. Mother-in-law jokes. Religious jokes. Ethnic jokes. Do you dread the next client presentation because of the bad joke that the boss will open with?

Tasteless Jokes do not a good boss make

How Would You Tell Off the Boss?

Some people are just jerks. The boss has a lot of influence over the work environment. It can be open and fun-loving. It can be stressed and taxing. Hopefully, it is not mean-spirited to the point that employees fantasize about their dramatic exit speech.

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