You Will Fall in Love with the New Interactive Dashboard

Do you like to adjust your desktop on your own and design it the way that suits you the best? Worklio recently released a new, interactive dashboard that can easily be rearranged. Whether you like a lot of windows with useful information or you would rather keep it simple, the new Worklio Dashboard will please you either way.

The Worklio dashboard is designed to show a summary of an employee’s attendance, people at work and on break, a PTO overview, a calendar of company events, and a Google web search box.

The MY ATTENDANCE tab displays your current working status, i.e. the time you started working, how much time you have left till you finish, break times, buttons for START BREAK, GO OFF-SITE, and LEAVE WORK, a link to your attendance report, and a nice graph of your hours worked.

The CALENDAR lists your colleagues’ vacations, doctors’ appointments, birthdays, anniversary days, etc.

MY PTO provides an overall overview of your vacation, home office, sick time, and other paid time off. It can be displayed either in hours or in days. There’s also a quick Request Time Off link to easily ask your supervisor for a day off.

WEB SEARCH allows you to search Google without opening a new window or a browser.

And, finally, the PEOPLE tab informs you who is at work from your team, who went to lunch, or who is not working at all that particular day.

You can also use all sorts of filters to customize your own Worklio Dashboard, move the tabs up and down, as well as make them smaller or bigger.

A good HR Dashboard can improve the company’s workflow and it is a priceless tool for businesses.

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